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Hoopla tips off August 8th in

Hoopla XXII - August 8th & 9th, 2020

Hoopla presented by Columbia Bank and Dutch Bros. is the premier 3x3 street basketball event in Oregon, and it is believed to be the 2nd largest event of its kind in the United States. The special 22nd edition of Hoopla will be held August 8th and 9th in 2020, and upwards of 1,000 teams, 4,000 participants, 1,000 volunteers and thousands of spectators are anticipated.

Participants young and old, male and female, and of all skill levels compete in the shadows of the Oregon State Capitol Building in Salem. Some play in one favorite division, others play on multiple teams in several divisions, enhancing their HATER (Hoopa All-Time Efficiency Rating).

Friends, family, fun, and ball. It's all good.

We hope you will join us at the grand-daddy of all Oregon 3x3 events this August! 

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Columbia Bank

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Frequent Questions

What is the "Early Bird" Discount?

All teams signing up on or before Monday, June 22 will automatically receive a $20/team discount on their registration fee.

When is the Registration Deadline?

Hoopla's team registration deadline for Hoopla XXII is Tuesday, July 21st. The team registration deadlines for the USA Basketball Qualifying and Kona Ice 2x2 Tourneys is Tuesday, July 28th.

Can I Play on More than One Team?

You bet - as long as you don't try to play on more than one team in any one division! Playing on two teams in the same division is NOT allowed. Some of our more die-hard Hoopla players play on 3, 4 or more teams, but only provided those teams are in different divisions. In such cases, if you notify Hoopla at oregonhoopla@gmail.com on or before the Team Registration deadline, Hoopla will do it's best -- without any guarantees -- to avoid game time conflicts on Saturday...  Sunday, we can make no guarantees - but often things somehow "work out."  It is best for entire teams to not play in multiple divisions because avoiding schedule conflicts can not be guaranteed...  But individuals definitely can, and have, played on multiple teams for years.

How Many Games Will We Play?

Every team is guaranteed a minimum of four games; usually three during pool play on Saturday and at least one during our single-elimination bracket play on Sunday. Getting to play 5 or 6 games is not uncommon at Hoopla.

Any Prizes?

At Hoopla, the winner and runner-up teams all get prizes.

In addition, Hoopla XXI is awarding prize money purses to a few select elite adult divisions, as follows:

$1,000 - Men's Open Division ($100 in prize money per team up to a total of $1,000)

$1,000 - Women's Open Division ($100 in prize money per team up to a total of $1,000)

$1,000 - Men's 6'U D1 Division

$600 - Men's D2 Division

$500 - 6'2U D1 Division

$400 - Men's D3 Division

Beyond all of that, Hoopla contest winners are awarded various prizes.

And, last but not least, the winners of the four (4) USA Basketball 3x3 Qualifying Tournament Divisions at Hoopla XXI all will get the big prize of earning the right to go to Colorado Springs to compete in the USA Basketball 3x3 National Tournaments.

In which Division Should We Play?

Hoopla's divisions are broken down by age and competitive desire, not grade or by other means. So, for Hoopla's youth divisions, teams should sign up according to their players' ages on 6/1/20.  To play in the 10U Girls Division, for examples, ALL players on a team must be 10 or less on 6/1/20. This is a hard and fast deadline for all age-based divisions.

Teams can choose whether they want to play Competitive, designed for more advanced teams and greater competition, or Recreational, designed more for having fun and a great experience, divisions. 

Are there All-Time Player Rankings?

Hoopla has developed a HATER (Hoopla All-Time Efficiency Rating) list, with points awarded for team success in the event. This prestigious list recognizes all Hoopla players who ever played on teams that finished first or second in tournament play and ranks them based on those achievements.

The updated HATER list will be revealed soon.

When are Saturday Schedules Posted?

While it sometimes happens earlier, Saturday schedules for Hoopla will be posted online by 5:00pm on Thursday before the tournament.

When are Sunday Brackets Posted?

While often posted much earlier, Sunday brackets will be available by no later than 10:00pm Saturday night.