Last Chance to Play: "Fill-In" Teams Sought in Select Divisions on First-Come, First-Serve Basis

(SALEM, OR) - Thursday, July 28, 2016 - With the official team registration deadline come and gone, there is only one final way to get into ONG Hoopla XVIII. In select divisions where an additional team will optimize the bracket, ONG Hoopla is seeking teams on a first-come, first-serve basis, until the spots are filled. The divisions involved are listed below.
Please email for information on how to fill one of these spots.
11- USA Basketball Men's Open (Fri)
F - Men's 6'-and-Under D1 
G - Men's 6'-and-Under D2
I - Women's D2
J - Co-Ed Competitive
M - Family Recreational
S-T - 17-and-Under Girls
V - 16-and-Under Boys Recreational
AB - 15-and-Under Girls Recreational
AG - 13-and-Under Boys Competitive
AI - 13-and-Under Girls Competitive
AJ - 13-and-Under Girls Recreational
AK - 12-and-Under Boys Competitive
AL - 12-and-Under Boys Recreational
AN - 12-and-Under Girls Recreational
AR - 11-and-Under Girls Recreational
AV - 9-and-Under Girls
AW - 8-and-Under Boys
CT Studd 4x4 (Fri) - Adult Men
CT Studd 4x4 (Fri) - HS Boys Competitive
CT Studd 4x4 (Fri) - HS Boys Recreational
CT Studd 4x4 (Fri) - HS Girls
CT Studd 4x4 (Fri) - 8th Boys
CT Studd 4x4 (Fri) - 6th-7th Boys