Qualifying Tournaments for USA Basketball 3x3 National Championships Moved to Nov. 5

SALEM, OR -- Friday, July 28 -- Hoopla XIX has announced that it is moving the date of its four Qualifying Tournaments for the USA Basketball 3x3 National Championships to November 5, pending USA Basketball approval.

"This is a good move for us and the Qualifying Tournaments," said Hoopla Tournament Director Jason Unruh. "First and foremost, this is worthy of being a stand-alone event, and moving it to its own space on the calendar, we think, makes sense. Beyond that, it also will allow us to play the game indoors -- just like the national championships are played with USA Basketball. This is important and makes sense to the teams trying to qualify for nationals.  We hope all of these things might lead to more robust Qualifying Tourney divisions, too.

"Our teams have done very well at the National Tournaments -- including our Men's U18 team winning the national title last year -- and we hope to continue that tradition. 

"Beyond that, the Friday of our Tournament Week has just grown so much it offers us the added benefit of a little more space for other growing events on that day.  We have the Hoopla Hoop Camp in the morning, the brand new Kona Ice Friday 2x2 Tourney which we think will be a huge hit over time, and then the Hoopla Fun Run in the early evening.  It's a fun and great time, but this adjustment to the timing of the Qualifying Tournaments make sense to us operationally, too."

Hoopla still plans four Qualifying Tournaments - Men's Open, Women's Open, Men's U18 and Women's U18.  The price for participation remains only $79/team, and deadline for team registration is November 1.