Hoopla XXIV launches new Chuck E. Cheese Thursday 1x1 Tourney!

SALEM, OR - Friday, 7/7/23 - Hoopla XXIV presented by Capitol Toyota and Dutch Bros. is pleased to announce the new Chuck E. Cheese Thursday 1x1 Tourney will commence this year.

"We're super excited to expand our offerings and build out Hoopla further," said Hoopla Tournament Director Jason Unruh.  "We've contemplated a 1x1 tourney for a number of years. It's a big part of the history of basketball, and winning that kind of tourney gives you 'top dog' type bragging rights.  We think this is going to be fun, and a natural expansion both in terms of offerings but also on the calendar for us."

The wildly-popular Kona Ice Friday 2x2 Tourney paved the way for the new 1x1 event. "There's no question about that," remarked Unruh. "The Kona 2x2 tourney has established itself so fast and it's a huge part of the Hoopla experience now.  We had more than 130 teams play in that last year and the growth rate is more than 30% a year right now.  So it's booming.  We think the 1x1 on Thursday will complement both the 2x2 and Hoopla 3x3 on the weekend."

Making it possible in 2023 is the support of Chuck E. Cheese, who will be the event's lead sponsor having signed a multiple-year agreement with Hoopla earlier this week.  "Chuck E. Cheese stepped in and their timing is impeccable," said Unruh. "We could not be more pleased with their partnership; they represent so many of the same traits that make Hoopla great... family, gathering, entertainment, fun.  It's a perfect fit."

With 21 divisions from which to choose and a user-friendly year one price of $25/participant, Unruh envisions a robust first year.  "We think this is going to be really, really fun."

The format for the event is to be announced, but it will be a blend of Hoopla 3x3 rules and some modifications that will enhance the 1x1 experience.

Registration for the new Chuck E. Cheese 1x1 Thursday Tourney is open now at: www.oregonhoopla.com/register 

The deadline for singing up for the Chuck E. Cheese Thursday 1x1 Tourney is Tuesday, July 25, mirroring the registration deadline for the Kona Ice Friday 2x2 Tourney.

The team registration for the 3x3 tourney at Hoopla XXIV is July 11.