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SALEM, OR - Monday, June 20, 2016 - ONG Hoopla has opened a new online store for ONG Hoopla gear. You can get cool new t-shirts, dri-fit shirts, hooded sweatshirts, shorts, hats and more today through July 15...

The online store is available via the Home Page.

"The HATER" Unveiled: Males #51-56

SALEM, OR - Saturday, July 9, 2016 - "The HATER" unveiling continues; ONG Hoopla's ALL-TIME most accomplished players.

Males #51-56:

T51) Chris Black (250)
T51) Justin Burgess (250)
T51) Chris Butler (250)
T51) Landon Coggins (250)
T51) Jason Herber (250)
T51) Ryan Skogstad (250)

"The HATER" Unveiled: Females #51-55

SALEM, OR - Saturday, July 9, 2016 - "The HATER" unveiling continues!  ONG Hoopla's ALL-TIME most accomplished players.

Females #51-55:

T51) Alex Alvarez (210)
T51) Madison Hall (210)
T51) Hannah Hersh (210)
T51) Taylor Redman (210)
T51) Reina Strand (210)

"The HATER" Unveiled: Males #77-91

SALEM, OR - Friday, July 1, 2016 - "The HATER" unveiling continues!  ONG Hoopla's All-Time Greatest Players - 

Males #77-91:

T77) Cody Crowe (230)
T77) Lucias Harris (230)
T77) Nate Hall (230)
T77) Tregg Peterson (230)

T81) Danny Martinez (220)
T81) Trevor Howard (220)
T81) CJ Mitchell (220)
T81) Jameel Tolbert (220)

85) Jordan Berrier (215)

T86) Colt Davidson (210)
T86) Brandon Jones (210)
T86) Wyatt Keudell (210)
T86) Michael Lee (210)
T86) Luke Marcoe (210)
T86) Ulysses Valdez (210)

"The HATER" Unveiled: Females #74-85

SALEM, OR - Friday, July 1, 2016 - "The HATER" unveiling continues!  ONG Hoopla's All-Time Greatest Players...

Females #74-85:

T74) Marisa Eaton (180)
T74) Megan Hingston (180)
T74) Carrie Garrison (180)
T74) Emma Girod (180)
T74) Mariah Juarez (180)
T74) Menley Neitzel (180)
T74) Chloe Waddell (180)

T81) Julie Hedrick (170)
T81) Delaney Henery (170)
T81) Jesse Morris (170)
T81) Alyna Velez (170)
T81) Jossalynn Wright (170)

More Ways to Play at ONG Hoopla XVIII

SALEM, OR - Friday, July 1, 2016 - ONG Hoopla promoted "More Ways to Play" today, highlighting the opportunities for participants in ONG Hoopla XVIII to play in multiple divisions, compete in the USA Basketball Qualifying Tourneys for the 3x3 National Tournaments, and join the fun at the CT Studd 4x4 Tourney on Friday benefiting Young Life.


Registration OPEN for Hoopla Fun Run!

SALEM, OR - Wed, June 29, 2016 - Registration is officially OPEN for the 2016 Hoopla Fun Run presented by Salem Kroc Center and benefiting Liberty House. To learn more or sign up for this family-friendly and super fun event held Friday, August 5th at 6:30pm, please go to

"The HATER" Unveiling Continues: Males #92-127

SALEM, OR - Wed, June 29, 2016 - "The HATER" unveiling continues! ONG Hoopla's All-Time Most Accomplished players:

Males #92-127

T92) Bayo Arigloon (200)
T92) Jared Baumgartner (200)
T92) Harry Cavell (200)
T92) Greg Comer (200)
T92) Jack Gatto (200)
T92) Ben Gregg (200)
T92) George Harder (200)
T92) Jazz Johnson (200)
T92) Lance Johnson (200)
T92) Dean Kongslie (200)
T92) Kevin Kongslie (200)
T92) Tyler Kongslie (200)
T92) Mike Long (200)
T92) Jalonte Martin (200)
T92) Levi Nielsen (200)
T92) Charlie Rapp (200)
T92) Marty Reid (200)
T92) Zach Robertson (200)
T92) Andy Rondema (200)
T92) Kyle Ruiz (200)
T92) Ryan Scanlan (200)
T92) Khalid Thomas (200)
T92) Porter Troupe (200)
T92) Francisco Vega (200)
T92) Brian White (200)
T92) Kobe Withers (200)

"The HATER" Unveiling Continues: Females #86-124

SALEM, OR - Wed, June 29, 2016 - "The HATER" unveiling continues! ONG Hoopla's All-Time Greatest Players - 

Females #86-124

T86) Madison Ailstock (160)
T86) Katie Archambault (160)
T86) Kylee Arzner (160)
T86) Jessie Brabender (160)
T86) Jazmyn Brown (160)
T86) Catalina Castro (160)
T86) Sophie Cleland (160)
T86) Makenzie Crawford (160)
T86) Brittany Crockett (160)
T86) Chloe Cummins (160)
T86) Catherine Cutsforth (160)
T86) Rylan Davis (160)
T86) Gwendolyn Dawes (160)
T86) Erin Edmonds (160)
T86) Shelby Elder (160)
T86) Alexis Gleason (160)
T86) Aleah Goodman (160)
T86) Sarah Hall (160)
T86) Liz Harry (160)
T86) Peyton Hopper (160)
T86) Sydney Hunter (160)
T86) Zoraya Jones (160)
T86) Sara Lange (160)
T86) Delanee Martin (160)
T86) Heidi Mueller (160)
T86) Keiley Myers (160)
T86) Bailey Olson (160)
T86) McKenna Priske (160)
T86) Kimber Rabago (160)
T86) Leilani Redheart (160)
T86) Julie Reynolds (160)
T86) Samantha Reynolds (160)
T86) Ashley Richey (160)
T86) Jess Sexton (160)
T86) Morgan Silver (160)
T86) Lindsey Stevens (160)
T86) Lauren Tolento (160)
T86) Cierra Walker (160)
T86) Teah Williams (160)

"The HATER" Unveiled: Males #128-147

SALEM, OR - June 27, 2016 - "The HATER" unveiling continued... ONG Hoopla's All-Time Greatest players -

Males #128-147

T128) Bob Cavell (185)
T128) Steve Fedler (185)
T128) Tim Parker (185)
T128) Austin Wolfer (185)

T132) Ashton Andrews (180)
T132) Hunter Bain (180)
T132) Kevin Broderick-Kartye (180)
T132) Ryan Downey (180)
T132) Terry Frazier (180)
T132) Isaiah Haqq (180)
T132) Trevor John (180)
T132) Marcus McArdie (180)
T132) Blake Minton (180)
T132) Andrew Reid (180)
T132) Trevyn Roberts (180)
T132) Matthew Yee (180)

T144) Jacob Brustad (170)
T144) Sergio Navarro (170)
T144) Aarloh Valdovinos (170)
T144) Perry Walborn (170)

"The HATER" Unveiled: Females #125-144

SALEM, OR - June 27, 2016 - "The HATER" unveiling continued... ONG Hoopla's Greatest Players of all-time:

Females #125-144

T125) Danielle Bellando (150)
T125) Alyssa Ekdahl (150)
T125) Lizzy Kizer (150)
T125) Trina McCartney (150)
T125) Kaleigha Ramey (150)
T125) Kelli Stonelake (150)
T125) Megan Wagner (150)

T132) Holly Arklander (140)
T132) Mariah Bartleft (140)
T132) Kendra Campbell (140)
T132) Tess Garrett (140)
T132) Megan Johnson (140)
T132) Amy Jones (140)
T132) Katy Lambert (140)
T132) Austyn Lowder (140)
T132) Kelsey Molan (140)
T132) Ayla Rodriguez (140)
T132) Katie Torland (140)
T132) Rachel Vallez (140)
T132) Olivia Yarbrough (140)

"The HATER" Unveiled: Males #236-208

SALEM, OR -- Friday, June 17, 2016 --

The HATER Unveiled...

ONG Hoopla's All-Time Most Accomplished Players!  20,000+ participants - who are the best of the best?

Males #236-208

208) David Webb - 145 points

T209) Orion Wright - 140 points
T209) Matthew Gille - 140 points
T209) Lee Hanson - 140 points
T209) Isaiah Montano - 140 points
T209) Brandon Perkett - 140 points

214) Christian Russell - 140 points

T215) Jeff Bernius - 140 points
T215) Dominic Cavillo - 140 points
T215) Andres Delgado - 140 points
T215) Jake Fohn - 140 points
T215) Jared Garza - 140 points
T215) Jeff Lang - 140 points
T215) Brandon Lao - 140 points
T215) Chad Miller - 140 points
T215) Ruben Monroe - 140 points
T215) Josh Noonkester - 140 points
T215) Jeff Ramos - 140 points
T215) Kyle Sexton - 140 points
T215) Kurban Shamatov - 140 points
T215) Mike Willis - 140 points

T229) Eric Engelson - 135 points
T229) Shane Hopt - 135 points
T229) Eric Villasenor - 135 points
T229) Rice Wafer - 135 points

233) Alex Jackmond - 135 points

234) Ryan Smith - 130 points

T235) Travis Kuhns - 130 points
T235) Michael Tolento - 130 points






The HATER Unveiled: Females #254-205

SALEM, OR - Friday, June 17, 2016 - The HATER Unveiled...ONG Hoopla's All-Time Most Accomplished Players!

20,000+ participants over the years - who are the BEST of the BEST?


Females #254-205

T205) Ellie Bemrose - 110
T205) Briana Broadus - 110
T205) Kelsie Gardner - 110
T205) Kari Louthan - 110
T205) Braylee Stone - 110
T205) Kenya Williams - 110

T211) Hailey Baker - 100
T211) Rebecca Brincat - 100
T211) Rachel Copeland - 100
T211) Kate De Paepe - 100
T211) Anita Burdick Denim - 100
T211) Loryn Erdich - 100
T211) Terese Estrada - 100
T211) Tamika Etherly - 100
T211) Melissa Marek-Farris - 100
T211) Trina Martinelli - 100
T211) Ellie Gould - 100
T211) Elise Gray - 100
T211) Emily Gray - 100
T211) Chrissi Grizzel -100
T211) Morgan Harrington - 100
T211) Kim Hogstrom - 100
T211) Charday Hunt -100
T211) Sophy Kerzman - 100
T211) Elise Kuenzi - 100
T211) Amy Lemm - 100
T211) Jocelyn McIntire - 100
T211) Jamie Medley - 100
T211) Macy Metcalf - 100
T211) Kelli Milliron - 100
T211) Jordan Murphy - 100
T211) Kelsey New - 100
T211) Alyssa Ogle - 100
T211) Carter Ratzlaff - 100
T211) Dani Reamer - 100
T211) Tash Ruckwardt - 100
T211) Hannah Self - 100
T211) Danielle Shareef - 100
T211) Jenny Shetters - 100
T211) Kourtney Shreve - 100
T211) Breezie Sims - 100
T211) Sarah Sowers - 100
T211) Stacey Titchenal - 100
T211) Monique Tribble - 100
T211) Kim Villwock - 100
T211) Grace Walborn - 100
T211) Jazzlyn Wilder - 100
T211) Mattea Zabala - 100
T211) Sarah Zahler - 100

Hoopla Teams Impress at USA Basketball 3x3 National Tourneys

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (Sunday, 5/1) - Hoopla's two teams at the USA Basketball 3x3 National Tournaments this past weekend represented ONG Hoopla very well.

The Men's U18 team of Dylan Jordan '16 (Wilsonville HS), Teagan Quitoriano '18 (Sprague HS), Zach Reichle (Wilsonville HS), and Jack Roche '19 (Wilsonville HS) made it to the national championship semi-finals and finished with an impressive 5-2 overall record. Team Hoopla finished 4th in the country at the national tourney in the Men's U18 division.

The Women's U18 team of Gabby Bruno (Lake Oswego HS), Tamika Etherly (Tualatin HS), Hannah Self (Tualatin HS) and Reina Strand (McNary HS) advanced to the national championship quarter-finals. Team Hoopla finished 6th in the country in the Women's U18 division.

Both teams qualified for the event by winning their respective USA Basketball qualifying tournaments at ONG Hoopla XVII last August.

ONG Hoopla players also fared extremely well in the USA Basketball contests - winning five medals in total:

* Zach Reichle won Bronze in the 3-Point Contest;

* Jack Roche won Bronze in the Skills Challenge;

* Dylan Jordan & Teagan Quitoriano teamed up to win Silver in the Hot Shot Contest; &

* Gabby Bruno won Bronze in the 3-Point Contest

For more information, please see:

ONG Hoopla XVII Champions Crowned

SALEM, OR - 8/10/15 - Champions were crowned in 50 ONG Hoopla XVII divisions and four squads qualified for the USA Basketball 3x3 National Tournaments at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A listing of championship teams follows:



(USA Basketball 3x3 National Tournaments to be held in 2016 at United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado)



Brandon Cataldo (Portland State '14/Rainier '10)

Michael MacKelvie (Regis Univ '14/Wilsonville '10)

Davis Martin (George Fox '11/Silverton '07)

Jason Martin (George Fox '14/Silverton '10)



Tiffany Behary (George Fox '09/Lake Oswego '04)

Casey Bunn (Oregon State '07/Stayton '02)

Lindsay Gregg (UW-Milwaukee '11/Cretin-Derham Hall '06)

Kedzie Gunderson (Oregon '06/Bellevue '04)

MEN'S 18U:  


Charles Jones (David Douglas '16)

Dylan Jordan (Wilsonville '16)

Drew Todd (Lake Oswego '16)

Jack Roche (Wilsonville '19)



Gabriella Bruno (Lake Oswego '17)

Tamika Etherly (Tualatin '16)

Morgan McKinney (Lake Oswego '17)

Hannah Self (Tualatin '16)



Division A Men's Open I  
1st Place CNN 23
  Alex Coleman  
  Spencer Coleman  
  Kingsley Nkwonta  
  Tyler Coleman  
2nd Place NW Elite 18
  Blake Walker  
  Steve Reed  
  Jolante Martin  
  JR Moore  
Division B Women's Open I  
1st Place Portland Energy 35
  Casey Bunn  
  Tiffany Behary  
  Kedzie Gunderson  
  Lindsay Gregg  
2nd Place Jamba Juicin' 26
  Hannah Frederick  
  Elise Gray  
  Emily Gray  
  Danielle Bellando  
Division C Men's Division II  
1st Place NW Wolves 36
  Anthony Woods  
  Bama White  
  Tarance Glynn  
  Donte Roberts  
2nd Place 22nd Street Ballers 30
  Harry Cavell  
  Nate Hall  
  Cole Thomas  
  Tregg Peterson  
Division D Men's Division III  
1st Place Mount Angel Abbey Monks 35
  Major Harris  
  Tommy San  
  Jordan Berrier  
  Howard Harris  
2nd Place Top Gun 26
  Alex Jackmond  
  Eric Engelson  
  Ryce Wafer  
  Shane Hopt  
Division E Men's Division IV  
1st Place Father Figures 28
  Chris Shields  
  Max d'Auvergne  
  Tim Lott Jr  
  Julian Faciane  
2nd Place Coast Busters 20
  Joe Workman  
  Rick Smart  
  Tyger Smart  
  Trevyn Roberts  
Division F Men's 6' and Under I  
1st Place Premature Shooters 31
  Eric Moore  
  Connor Hurley  
  Kyle Moore  
  Hunter Davis  
2nd Place Jamo & Ginger 28
  Ryan Skinner  
  Doug Lamb  
  Chris Gweth  
  Cam Guyton  
Division G Men's 6' and Under II  
1st Place La Bamba 2.0 28
  Pedro Castaneda Jr  
  Gilberto Bedolla  
  Josh Noonkester  
  JJ Ramos  
2nd Place Trees and 3's 27
  Majed Abderasul  
  Nasser Abdelrasul  
  Rocky Croff  
  Ulysses Valdez  
Division H Men's 6'2" and Under  
1st Place Family First 35
  Lucias Harris  
  Howard Harris  
  Major Harris  
  Marlin McRae  
2nd Place Oregon Grown 26
  Austin Dowden  
  Braulio Chavez  
  Brad Irwin  
  James Ross  
Division I Women's Division II  
1st Place Super Heroes in Training 22
  Samantha Reynolds  
  Nicole Magnuson  
  Emily Griner  
  Breanna Bronson  
2nd Place Bronze Planet 20
  Cassandra Zeller Casas  
  Kaileigh Westermann  
  Jordawn Jones  
  Julia Brand  
Division J Co-Ed Competitive  
1st Place Boxers + 1 35
  Rochelle Howe  
  Mallory Goldammer  
  Martin Alexander Hurst  
  Garold Howe  
2nd Place Big Country 32
  Jossalynn Wright  
  Orion Wright  
  Halle Wright  
  Bo Pinkerton  
Division K Co-Ed Recreational  
1st Place TWB Media 35
  Chris Young  
  Jeff Otjen  
  Luke Marco  
  Ward Robyn  
2nd Place Highway Fuel Co. 30
  Richard Apodaca  
  Robert Nollen  
  Samuel Pantoja  
  Cassy Lund  
Division L Family Competitive  
1st Place Grandma's Favorites 32
  Andrew Martin  
  Taylor Martin  
  Davis Martin  
  Jason Martin  
2nd Place G Squad 23
  Jordan Gray  
  Bryson Gray  
  Aaron Rice  
  Deshawn Mitchell  
Division M Family Recreational  
1st Place Do You Like To Party 29
  Majed Abdelrasul  
  Amjad Abdelrasul  
  Dominic Cavillo  
  Nasser Abdelrasul  
2nd Place La Familia 22
  Christian Ochoa  
  Michael Tolento  
  Diego Ochoa  
  Jacob Brustad  
Division N Men's 40-and-Over  
1st Place Lethal Weapon 24
  Chet Nakada  
  Dion Jordan  
  Curtis Wilson Jr  
  Jeff Bernius  
2nd Place Fat Stacks 23
  Tim Parker  
  Bob Cavell  
  Ken Nice  
  Steve Fedler  
Division P Wheelchair  
1st Place Sacramento Kings 31
  Joseph Chambers  
  Van Williams  
  Frank Willis  
  Joseph Chambers  
2nd Place Rogue Valley Scorpions 24
  Keith Avant  
  Tyrone Griner  
  Derrick Lee  
Division Q 17 & Under Boys Comp  
1st Place Space Jam 35
  Christian Russell  
  Andrew Baker  
  JJ Stewart  
  Hunter Bain  
2nd Place Corn Fed Naturals 33
  Reilly Bertsch  
  Kade Mechals  
  Hunter Johnson  
  Isaiah Pineda  
Division R 17 & Under Boys Rec  
1st Place WCS 30
  Eric Halfman  
  Matthew Gille  
  Ryan Smith  
  Andrew Baker  
2nd Place Real Panthers 27
  Kevin Cable  
  Madison Stepp  
  Jerod Landers  
  Harkie Bahl  
Division S 17 & Under Girls Comp  
1st Place Spartans and One 28
  Kylie Nash  
  Lily Beck  
  Sydney Joss  
  Ana Dursch-Smith  
2nd Place Lady Warriors 25
  Kayla Hyppolite  
  Gabby Bruno  
  Ndea Flye  
  Jasmiyn Brown  
Division T 17 & Under Girls Rec  
1st Place Jakk Attack 22
  Kendra Campbell  
  Jessica Flanagan  
  Alyssa St. Peter  
  Kelsey Molan  
2nd Place Central Panthers 10
  Alex Alvarez  
  Briana Broadus  
  Emma Girod  
Division U 16 & Under Boys Comp  
1st Place #Loading… 23
  Gavin Baughman  
  Andres Delgado  
  Tyler Wadleigh  
  Marco Brewer  
2nd Place Hustle & Flow 18
  Eric Castillo  
  Josh Bailey  
  Jared Oliver  
  Khalid Thomas  
Division V 16 & Under Boys Rec  
1st Place The Strokers 35
  Bryce Piete  
  Brandon Piete  
  Brendon Woodcock  
  Kyle Schwarm  
2nd Place The Kingdom 24
  Alec Barba  
  Peter Mason  
  Andrew Barry  
  Max Braziel  
Division W 16 & Under Girls Comp  
1st Place Morgan McKinney 35
  Sydney Hunter  
  Jaylene Montano  
  Nina Radford  
2nd Place Swish 14
  Sarah Zwicker  
  Kate Senger  
  Stefani Tallon  
  Becca Ronco  
Division X 16 & Under Girls Rec  
1st Place Baller Babes 28
  Natalie Bock  
  Kat Olson  
  Madi Kansky  
  Madi Morin  
2nd Place Splash 27
  Rachael Brockamp  
  Alex Perez  
  Ashtin Alexander  
  Jaeda Leggett  
Division Y 15 & Under Boys Comp  
1st Place The Beans 35
  Josiah Roth  
  Kyle Greely  
  Zac Bulgin  
  Jonathan Alvarado  
2nd Place MVP Caliber 27
  Aaron Shedrick  
  Bryson Bresee  
  Patrick Herbert  
  Seth Skeele  
Division Z 15 & Under Boys Rec  
1st Place Hoopswagg 35
  Brennan Agranoff  
  Owen Grubbe  
  Bill Hale  
  Jace Sucher  
2nd Place Fried Rice 15
  Trystan McNeely  
  Josh Stephans  
  Kenan Conner  
  Nolan Jackson  


Division AA 15 & Under Girls Comp  
1st Place Vicious and Delicious 28
  Kelsey Molan  
  Riley Bangert  
  Kristin Cade  
  Halle Wright  
2nd Place 5th Quarter 21
  Ellyonna Bankofier  
  Brianna Phiakhamngon  
  Taycee Wedin  
  Emma Roth  
Division AB 15 & Under Girls Rec  
1st Place Frosted Blakes 20
  Delaney Frank  
  Alexia Hicks  
  Emily Collier  
  Alexia Wasser  
2nd Place Curry Up and Shoot 17
  Hailey Myers  
  Sierra Bowlin  
  Tate Ashley  
  Chloe Cisneros  
Division AC 14 & Under Boys Comp  
1st Place Silverton Foxes 35
  Josiah Roth  
  Drake Ulven  
  Levi Nielsen  
  Isaac Magana  
2nd Place ML 20 Enforcers 27
  David Gonzales  
  Andre Best  
  Chris Zakariya  
  Damiko Tidmore  
Division AD 14 & Under Boys Rec  
1st Place 1-10 Celtics 35
  Jack Roche  
  Peter Boileau  
  Justin Bieker  
  Andrew Reid  
2nd Place South Salem Ballers 26
  Ashton Adams  
  Eric Lungu  
  Diego Fuimaono  
  Morgan Bice  
Division AE 14 & Under Girls Comp  
1st Place The Hoopsters 30
  Katelyn Trevino  
  Meagan Mendazona  
  Elizabeth Chavez  
  Faith Berry  
2nd Place OC Poker 24
  Brooklyn Roberts  
  Tyra Bradford  
  Brooke Bullock  
  Alli Nyquist  
Division AF 14 & Under Girls Rec  
1st Place Drizzling 2's 27
  Ella Burgess  
  Marin Leonard  
  Elsie Kloeppel  
  Mikayla Yee  
2nd Place PPG 20
  Faeydawn Flander  
  Janealle Sutterlict  
  Sierra Asbeli  
  Jaelynn Adams  
Division AG 13 & Under Boys Comp  
1st Place The Barlow 4 26
  Josh Nomie  
  Trevor Jones  
  Jesse White  
  Drake Payne  
2nd Place LO Lakers 20
  Sam Abere  
  Casey Filkins  
  Casey Graver  
  Marshal McGuire  
Division AH 13 & Under Boys Rec  
1st Place Keizer Celts 15
  Junior Walling  
  Luke Miller  
  Nick Zuro  
  Riley Flores  
2nd Place Storm Troopers 8
  Donnie Bagley  
  Derrek Main  
  Dapri Miller  
  Alex Morales-Smith  
Division AI 13 & Under Girls Comp  
1st Place SJ Allstars 17
  Nia Bradley  
  Tala Feim  
  Marianna Payne  
  Cassy Parks  
2nd Place Eugene Fire 13
  Aubrey Lewis  
  Ciana Reyes  
  Makenzie Crawford  
  Emily Cossen  
Division AJ 13 & Under Girls Rec  
1st Place LO Hoopers 16
  Kilyn Dawkins  
  Elle Lockard  
  Megan Woolard  
  Macy Douglass  
2nd Place Hoop Troop 12
  Hilary James  
  Ellie Bemrose  
  Liz Olsen  
  Lexi McKay  
Division AK 12 & Under Boys Comp  
1st Place Getting Buckets 27
  Jack Artman  
  Ben Gregg  
  Michael Vorobets  
  KJ Horsely  
2nd Place Hard Ballers 26
  Samaje Morgan  
  Nate Rawlins Kibonge  
  Ivan Gutierrez Hernandez  
  Steven Mendez  
Division AL 12 & Under Boys Rec  
1st Place Team Drizzlin 29
  Kaelan Anderson  
  Matthew Yee  
  Quinn Halinan  
  Luke Johnson  
2nd Place Tri-City $$Cash$$ 23
  Sergio Navarro  
  Aarloh Valdovinos  
  Devin Escamilla  
  Justice Hart  
Division AM 12 & Under Girls Comp  
1st Place South Metro Stars 16
  Emilia Bishop  
  Emma Henderson  
  Josie Napoli  
  Elizabeth O'Leary  
2nd Place Fearsome Four 15
  Keiley Myers  
  Kylee Arzner  
  Grace Carr  
  Madison Metcalf  
Division AN 12 & Under Girls Rec  
1st Place Lady Warriors 22
  Braedyn McNeely  
  Mia Rust  
  Jessi McCaskill  
  Dani Beck  
2nd Place Milwaukie Blazers 12
  Madelyn Olma  
  Allise Thurman  
  Lilia Katanic  
  Emma Welsh  
Division AO 11 & Under Boys Comp  
1st Place We Don't Have A Name 27
  Esyah Pippa-White  
  Nelson Keljo  
  Jackson Shelstad  
  Mookie Cook  
2nd Place Bowmen '22 12
  Bjorn Bergstrom  
  Owen Caudle  
  Johnny Miller  
  Baydon Kullowatz  
Division AP 11 & Under Boys Rec  
1st Place HotShots 22
  Nick Frith  
  Brody McMullen  
  Miciah O'Connor  
  Tanner Van Meter  
2nd Place Walery's Wolfpack 16
  Cooper Cripe  
  Bo Bielby  
  Braiden Copeland  
  Johnny Garcia III  
Division AQ 11 & Under Girls Comp  
1st Place Who's Next? 29
  Ashlyn Bigbee  
  Payton Allen  
  Mia Skoro  
  Cali White  
2nd Place OC Ballers 12
  Brooklyn Johnson  
  Emily Billings  
  Kaydyn Guilsdorf  
  Kealy Kmetic  
Division AR 11 & Under Girls Rec  
1st Place Team Gateway 1 21
  Kayla Morris  
  Ava Donlon  
  Paris Price  
  Alyssa Hamilton  
2nd Place Team Blaze 12
  Mia McCaffrey  
  Ella Gach  
  Kylie Charlton  
  Rylie Eichner  
AS 10 & Under Boys  
1st Place Un-Athletic 22
  Greg Comer  
  Charlie Rapp  
  Elisha Ealy  
  Braedy Vogt  
2nd Place Clackamas 20
  Parker Harrison  
  Garrett Strube  
  Reid Gray  
  Aiden MacClanathan  
Division AT 10 & Under Girls  
1st Place Tan Republic Ballers 19
  Piper Nelson  
  Elizabeth Bennett  
  Kira Boehme  
  Ashley Barba  
2nd Place After Shock 10
  Allison Mead  
  Kenna Kraft  
  Sydney Buschbach  
  Rhyan Mogel  
Division AU 9 & Under Boys  
1st Place Dream Team Fly 25
  Brayden Boe  
  Preston Thomas  
  Tannerq Overby  
  Luke Bornstein  
2nd Place United Ballers 22
  JR Vasquez  
  Trent Carton  
  Landyn Bryant  
  Utrillo Morris  
Division AV 9 & Under Girls  
1st Place Beast Mode 24
  Leilani Redheart  
  Taedra Hart  
  Zoraya Jones  
  Rylan Davis  
2nd Place She Shoots n' Scores 17
  Lexi Herber  
  Avery Buss  
  Tatum Level  
  Drew Fiskum  
Division AW 8 & Under Boys  
1st Place Grandview 30
  Luke Cortez  
  Lino Armendariz  
  Mavryck Bentley  
  Frankie Medina  
2nd Place Keizer Elite 22
  Karsten Ostrom  
  Steven Adams  
  Vincent Estrada  
  Gavin Aguilar  
Division AX 8 & Under Girls  
1st Place Fantastic Four 23
  Brynn Smith  
  Isabelle Smith  
  Kiana Boncayo  
  Delaney Smith  
2nd Place Three Ducks and a Beaver 9
  Macie Arzner  
  Brooklyn Rapp  
  Addyson Desmond  
  Rylie McManus  
Division AY 7 & Under Boys  
1st Place Devils 10
  Lucas Koehnke  
  Fletcher Gould  
  Eli Silbernagel  
  Rook Smith  
2nd Place Tornado Warriors 8
  Jacob Sanderson  
  Braxton Singleton  
  Elijah Jung  
  Dylan McGuirk