Team Crowe Men's Open Squad Represents at USA Basketball 3x3 National Tournament

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - April 9, 2017 - Team Crowe represented Hoopla at the 2017 USA Basketball Men's Open 3x3 National Championship Tournament in April at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, and they fared well.

Team Crowe - who qualified for the national tournament by winning the USA Basketball Qualifying Tournament at Hoopla 2016 - advanced to the quarterfinals of the national tournament, before being eliminated. They finished with a 4-5 record overall.

TEAM CROWE ~ Cody Crowe, Adrian Lewis, Trent Roos



Team USA & Team Crowe Win Qualifying Tournaments for 2017 USA Basketball 3x3 National Champisonships

SALEM, OR - Saturday, August 6, 2016 - Champions were crowned in the Men's U18 and Men's Open Qualifying Tournaments for the 2017 USA Basketball 3x3 National Tournaments. These qualifying tourneys were played under FIBA rules, which include a :12 shot clock, different check-in rules, and different scoring that add up to a fast-paced exciting brand of basketball.

In the Men's U18 contest, Team USA used some hot shooting from Zach Reichle (Wilsonville HS '17) to overwhelm We Can't Shoot, 18-8.

In the Men's Open contest, meanwhile, Team Crowe's size overall and strength proved to be too much for Team Roos in an 18-14 championship game win.

ONG Hoopla's representatives will be competing in a field of 12 teams at nationals. Should either team advance, they will become the USA Basketball representative in the FIBA 3x3 World Championships.



Matt O'Brien (6'9 Clackamas HS '17)
Zach Reichle (6'4 Wilsonville HS '17)
Jack Roche (5'10 Wilsonville HS '19)
Harrison Steiger (6'3 Wilsonville HS '17)
Taylor Blea (5'10 Sprague HS '18)
Kyle Greeley (6'3 West Salem HS '18)
Teagan Quitoriano (6'6 Sprague HS '18)
Perry VanHouten (6'3 Sprague HS '18)


Cody Crowe
Tarance Glynn
Jeremiah Harris
Adrian Lewis
Jordan Highland
Taylor Roos
Trent Roos



Isaiah Edwards Crowned 2016 Salem Radiology Consultants Slam Dunk Champion

SALEM, OR - Saturday, August 6, 2016 - With a final dunk that likely would have made NBA Slam Dunk Champ Zach Levine proud, Isaiah Edwards punctuated an impressive showing in the 2016 Salem Radiology Consultants Slam Dunk Contest with a grab the ball out of the hands of a person standing on a couch reverse two-handed dunk whilst jumping over said person and couch...

ONG Hoopla XVIII Tips Off with 2x2 Tourney TONIGHT at Salem Convention Center!

SALEM, OR - Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - ONG Hoopla XVIII tips off officially tonight with the 2x2 Tourney at the Salem Convention Center. The twelve contending teams, listed in order of seeding:

1) Matt Espinoza / Garold Howe

2) Tony Woods / Tarrance Glynn

3) Cory Davis / Jordan Gray

4) Caleb Singleton / Bryan Huber

5) Taylor Roos / Jordan Highland

6) Trent Roos / Kris White

7) Cody Crowe / Adrian Lewis

8) Howard Harris / Lucious Harris

9) David Medina / Wyatt Graziano

10) Joe Workman / Rick Smart

11) Brandyn Chase / Evan Pozniakoff

12) Chris Slezak / Nick Alfonse

Last Chance to Play: "Fill-In" Teams Sought in Select Divisions on First-Come, First-Serve Basis

(SALEM, OR) - Thursday, July 28, 2016 - With the official team registration deadline come and gone, there is only one final way to get into ONG Hoopla XVIII. In select divisions where an additional team will optimize the bracket, ONG Hoopla is seeking teams on a first-come, first-serve basis, until the spots are filled. The divisions involved are listed below.
Please email for information on how to fill one of these spots.
11- USA Basketball Men's Open (Fri)
F - Men's 6'-and-Under D1 
G - Men's 6'-and-Under D2
I - Women's D2
J - Co-Ed Competitive
M - Family Recreational
S-T - 17-and-Under Girls
V - 16-and-Under Boys Recreational
AB - 15-and-Under Girls Recreational
AG - 13-and-Under Boys Competitive
AI - 13-and-Under Girls Competitive
AJ - 13-and-Under Girls Recreational
AK - 12-and-Under Boys Competitive
AL - 12-and-Under Boys Recreational
AN - 12-and-Under Girls Recreational
AR - 11-and-Under Girls Recreational
AV - 9-and-Under Girls
AW - 8-and-Under Boys
CT Studd 4x4 (Fri) - Adult Men
CT Studd 4x4 (Fri) - HS Boys Competitive
CT Studd 4x4 (Fri) - HS Boys Recreational
CT Studd 4x4 (Fri) - HS Girls
CT Studd 4x4 (Fri) - 8th Boys
CT Studd 4x4 (Fri) - 6th-7th Boys

ONG Hoopla XVIII Team Registration Deadline - EXTENDED to July 24! Teams Can Still Sign-up!

SALEM, OR - Thursday, Midnight, July 14, 2016 - Due to popular demand, the ONG Hoopla XVIII team registration deadline has been extended - so IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO SIGN-UP.

The new deadline is a firm July 24. YOU CAN STILL REGISTER FOR ONG HOOPLA XVIII through that date! There will be no further extensions of the deadline.

Please do not anticipate extensions of the deadline every year. We analyze it on a year-by-year basis, and we do NOT expect to extend the deadline next year.

Sign-up at:



"The HATER" Unveiled: Males #26-31

SALEM, OR - Monday, July 18, 2016 - "The HATER" unveiling of ONG Hoopla's all-time greatest players continues:

Males #26-31


T26) Arthur Dreams (340)

T26) Howard Harris (340)

T26) Avry Holmes (340)


T29) Kyle Greeley (320)

T29) Tyke Thompson (320)

T29) Tyler Wadleigh (320)

"The HATER" Unveiled: Females #25-30

SALEM, OR - Monday, July 18, 2016 - "The HATER" Unveiling of ONG Hoopla's all-time most accomplished players continues:


Females #25-30 ~


T25) Gabby Bruno (280)

T25) Ashlyn Roos (280)

T25) Sadie Trump (280)

T25) Halle Wright (280)


T29) Ashley Cadotte (250)

T29) Angie Sun (250)

"The HATER" Unveiled: Males #32-36

SALEM, OR - Friday, July 15, 2016 - "The HATER" unveiling of ONG Hoopla's all-time most accmplished players continues:

Males #32-36

T32) Cory Davis (300)
T32) Paul Hafford (300)
T32) Mac Hopson (300)
T32) JR Moore (300)
T32) Steve Reed (300)

"The HATER" Unveiled: Females #31-48

Salem, OR - Friday, July 15, 2016 - "The HATER" unveiling of ONG Hoopla's all-time most accomplished players continues:

Females: #31-48

T31) Makesha Bizon (240)
T31) Janae Davis (240)
T31) Makael Dehoop (240)
T31) Jeni Gabriel (240)
T31) Makennan Hopper (240)
T31) Taylor Johnson (240)
T31) Lauren Kessel (240)
T31) Kasse Keudell (240)
T31) Aliyah Klein (240)
T31) Samantha Long (240)
T31) Ashlee Pickerell (240)
T31) Andee Ritter (240)
T31) Brennah Roberts (240)
T31) Mercedes Russell (240)
T31) Hannah Steinert (240)
T31) Jordan Walling (240)
T31) Janelle Weiss (240)
T31) Evina Westbrook (240)

"The HATER" Unveiled: Males #37-43

SALEM, OR - Thursday, July 14, 2016 - ONG Hoopla unveiled more of "The HATER" list today, a ranking of the event's all-time most accomplished players.

Males #37-43

T37) Patrick Counts (280)

T37) Jaden Guilford (280)

T37) Grant Irby (280)

T37) Josh Kaceberg (280)

T37) Bryan Martin (280)

T37) Calvin Molan (280)

T37) Tommy San (280)

"The HATER" Unveiled: Females #49

SALEM, OR - Thursday, July 14, 2016 - "The HATER" unveiling continued today, with ONG Hoopla revealing more of the event's all-time most accomplished players:

Females: #49

49) Deven Hunter (230)

Will Lathrop Coming to ONG Hoopla XVIII from Africa!

SALEM, OR - Monday, July 11, 2016 - Will Lathrop is like many basketball lovers in the Great Pacific Northwest: Each year he plans his summer, partly, around ONG Hoopla, Oregon's biggest and best 3x3 street basketball event held in front of the State Capitol Building in Salem.

Since 2005, Lathrop has been coming to ONG Hoopla. This year, he is making the trip to Salem from Africa, where he currently is honing his game in Uganda.

His biggest worry? Given his elaborate travel schedule to make it to ONG Hoopla, Lathrop was a bit concerned about his game times, so he emailed ONG Hoopla to see if his Division IV team could be accommodated in some minor ways.

Done deal. See you soon, Will!



"The HATER" Unveiled: Males #44-50

Salem, OR - Tuesday, July 12, 2016 - "The HATER" unveiling continues... ONG Hoopla's all-time most accomplished players!

Males #44-50

T44) Andrew Baker (270)
T44) Major Harris (270)
T44) Jordan Lewis-Graneto (270)
T44) Jeff Williams (270)

T48) Andrew Olsen (265)
T48) Alex Robinson (265)
T48) Tristan Zielinski (265)

"The HATER" Unveiled: Females #50

SALEM, OR - Tuesday, July 12, 2016 - "The HATER" Unveiling continues.. ONG Hoopla's All-Time most accomplished players:

Females #50

50) Sydney Nash (220)